partnersConnecting with Partners.

AHEC partners with state and local health departments, primary care associations and community health centers in urban and rural communities to provide health care students hands on experience outside the classroom. Students work at hospitals, social service agencies, community health centers, primary and secondary education schools and long-term care facilities.

Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals at community hospitals, clinics and social service agencies serve as valuable preceptors or out-of-the classroom teachers to instruct students as they gain practical health care experience.

In-Kind Contributions $1,152,500

The Ohio Statewide AHEC program is generously supported by local physicians, nurses, allied health practitioners, hospitals, health departments and others who believe in educating health care professionals for today and in the future.


Community Training
Annual Statewide Averages

Community AHEC training sights 393
Number of medical preceptors 574
Clinical weeks in AHEC training 4,453

Health Care Students AHEC Clinical Training
Annual Statewide Averages

Medical students in AHEC clinical rotation 1,106
Residents in clinical training 27
Allied health students 525

(Physical therapy, physical therapy assistant,occupational therapy, and nutrition)

Nursing students 800
Pharmacy students 52
Nurse practitioner students 68
Physician assistant students 11
TOTAL 2,589

Continuing Education
Annual Statewide Averages

  Programs Participants
Allied health 51 1,495
Nursing 71 2,504
Medical 238 6,599
TOTAL 360 10,598

Community Health Education
Annual Statewide Averages

Programs 212  
Participants 28,267  

Health Careers
Annual Statewide Averages

Programs 34  
Participants 2,760  
Web site participants 5,473  

Health Learning Resources/Information
Annual Statewide Averages

Sites served 188  
Transactions 1,278  
Participants 46,812  

Financial Support

Federal AHEC Grant $672,226  
State AHEC Budget Line $1,293,103  
Grants and Contracts $555,705  
TOTAL $2,521,034  

The Ohio Statewide AHEC program is supported by the Ohio Board of Regents; National AHEC Program, Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services; and other public and private grants and contributions.

The University of Toledo, Raymon H. Mulford Library, 3045 Arlington Ave, Toledo, Oh 43614, 419.383.4272