quote by Katrine BrightEncouraging young people to pursue health care careers.

Spending time on the Ohio University campus opens the world of health care careers for junior high students in southeast Ohio.

Students interested in health care careers interact with health care professionals learning specifics about careers through hands on experiences, demonstrations and displays.

OU health care students encourage junior high students to concentrate on math and science classes, to achieve good grades and to talk with guidance counselors about their desires to become health care professionals. They encourage students to return to their Appalachian roots to practice medicine.

During the visits, speakers provide age appropriate information on health issues facing adolescents and discuss diseases that have a high incidence rate in Appalachia.

With the campus visits, students are exposed to a variety of health care careers to help address the workforce shortage as well as gain exposure to community health issues that impact their region. To interest young people in health care careers, AHEC programs at the UT AHEC program and Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine at Rootstown each summer turn the campuses into medical camps. High school freshmen live in dorms, get to know medical students serving as camp counselors and learn about health careers by experiencing basic science and medicine. During camp the importance of studying mathematics and science in high school is stressed by faculty members who encourage campers to pursue health care careers. Campers are recruited from rural and urban areas where health care professionals are needed not only for today but also in the future. Many of the campers could be the first generation of their families to attend college.

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