quote by sameer draviamSpeaking clearly in language patients can understand.


Too often patients leave a doctor’s office or hospital totally confused by the instructions they have been given. Regardless of a patient’s literacy level, health care information can be difficult to understand.

Recognizing that poor communication is an obstacle to quality health care, Ohio State University developed the Ohio Statewide Health Literacy Initiative.

The initiative raises awareness that low literacy or understanding of health care information is a barrier to helping patients maintain healthy lives.

Health care professionals throughout Ohio have participated in the program which includes how to clearly speak and write health information in language patients can understand.

Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton has embraced health literacy throughout the institution and strives to make sure patients are spoken to in language they can understand and given written instructions that are clear and easy to comprehend.

With a clearer understanding, patients can recover faster and control life-long diseases better while holding down the cost of health care.

At the University of Cincinnati Health Learning Resource Center at Health – UC at Georgetown, hundreds of health education materials on topics ranging from birth to death are free for the asking. Educational materials include video tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, periodicals, reference books and teaching models and displays.

The material and equipment are used by health care professionals, institutions, agencies, schools, health care students, child care centers, senior citizen centers, mental health clinics, life squads, human service workers and the general public.

Instead of traveling out of the region for seminars, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals earn required educational credits through material offered at the center.

The center eliminates the need for each institution to purchase education materials and provides rural southwest Ohioans easily accessible health care materials and continuing education credit programs.

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