quote by sameer draviamClosing the gap between health providers and the homeless.


Men, women and children in homeless shelters need health care but often run into barriers that make it almost impossible.

Medical students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland developed an elective course to address the health care needs of shelter residents.

Health Promotion for the Homeless takes medical students into the shelters for six weeks. The students are the teachers and discuss topics such as access to health care, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Students become more aware of the plight and needs of the homeless and gain an understanding of the need to close the gap between health providers and the homeless.

Wright State University health care students venture into the community to help make Dayton healthy.

The university’s service learning program engages students into community service as they learn from practical clinical health care experiences.

The university partners with various organizations in the community. For each partnership, students, faculty and the partners establish goals.

Medical students might team up with a practicing pediatrician to do wellness examinations at an inner city public elementary school or nursing students work side by side with a nurse at a social service agency.

Through service learning students earn academic credit while gaining knowledge in the community’s resources, experiencing clinical care in underserved areas and working with teams of professionals.

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